Analyzing Integrity by way of "Tailspin" by Manteye

Tailspin by Manteye is an Americana-esque pop rock tune headed up with a soothing piano line, hints of a soulful organ, and headed up by thoughtful well-sung, catchy vocals.  Manteye showcases a wide range of vocal emotion in this song, along with a respectable knack for writing not only a great hook, but moving lyrics.

A lyrical phrase that caught my attention in particular: "It's as if integrity don't mean nothing anymore.  It jest wears down all your defenses."  People tend to assign power to the wrong things and un-assign it from the right things.  For example: feeling a sense of power in anger, threats, sarcastic wit, physical force, et cetera (as opposed to recognizing these things for the weaknesses they truly are), and finding weakness in truth, altruism and integrity.  Truth has always held the power of faultlessness, now we see it as a crutch or view it as an unintelligence.  True altruism possesses the power of strengthening yourself by strengthening others, and now it is viewed as an inevitable response to being conquered.  True integrity was once a source for one to possess power: acts of chivalry by men, acts of keeping-ones-word by officials.  Now, with the death of chivalry, and the unpopularity of principals, acts of integrity and the holding of a true and consistent moral value system is seen as a weakness, an insecurity that must be guarded.  So when one's integrity is questioned or put to the test, our defenses are challenged and slowly worn down.  It's when we reevaluate and begin to see integrity for what it truly is, strength and power, that our drowning tailspin will end in glory.