The Love Ego:

Love is narrowly defined in dictionaries as an emotion of affection or strong attachment to an individual or thing.  But true, real love holds no promise of affection or attachment at all.  Love is the force of ultimate positivity manifest in things like forgiveness, gratitude.

The Ego seeks to please the animal drives (id) within us, pleasing only our "self" manifest in things like an inability to forgive, a lack of gratitude, an entitlement.

The Love Ego is an enlightenment at which the Ego is sated through Love.  That it boosts ones selfish pride to truly forgive.  That it boosts one's selfish pride to show honest gratitude.  An enlightenment of unconditional love can only be attained through perfect understanding, thus perfect knowledge...a perfection seemingly unattainable through our finite minds

But is creativity within the mind not infinite?

Love Ego is a voyage through life, attempting to find the small glimpses of universal perfection in our everyday lives, brought forth by our creativity.  For if there is an ultimately perfect answer, it lies within the infinity of creativity, art, music, writing.